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Keep Adding New Contents – Web Design Vancouver

Google, all search engines and importantly your customers like to see new contents / offers on your Business Website. Customers do not like and frequently visit those websites which have not been updated for months. If you would like your Company Website to be on first few pages of Google, than it is important that you keep adding new contents. Search Engine Optimization always look for new and fresh contents.

We train all our customers how to add new content, pictures, videos on their Business Websites and how to manage and change contents. We provide them training once their website is ready so customers can easily manage it. If customers need help, we, Vancouver Web Design, are always available to help our customers manage their website and to do trouble shooting. We, Web Design Vancouver, never leave our customers alone after their website is ready!

Easy To Use – SEO Vancouver

Most of the we design small and medium size Business Websites in WordPress. WordPress is one of the popular Content Management System in use these day. It is super easy to update your website, change contents, pictures, add videos etc. We take care of all programming and coding and we train you how to modify contents and it is really easy for customers to manage their Small Business Websites from any computer with internet access.

We will provide you with login id / password and you will be able to make any changes in your website. Still we, Vancouver SEO, are always available to make any changes for you and most of the time we do not charge anything for little changes.


Features – Web Design Vancouver

When we design your website, we, Vancouver Web Design, offer you all the features you need / you may need in your website. There may be some features you do not need them now but may need in the future. When we build your website, we can add any feature – you name it in your website i.e. Forum, Images, Blogs, Calenders, Sign up for Newsletter, etc. It is always more affordable to add all the features you may need in your Business Website when we design your website, so you can save money.

Portfolio Web Design Vancouver

Your Website Is Easily Expandable

Once your Company Website has been designed as per your requirements, you can always add more pages, images, videos, contents, features etc. The amazing thing about WordPress Content Management System is that you can add and modify things any time and in any direction. It is super easy and quick and we are always there if you need any help.


Online Training, Phone and Email Support

Once we design your Business Website, we will provide you training on how to manage your Company Website and how you can make small changes within your website by yourself. For instance changing contents, images, videos etc.

Once your Company Website is complete we, Vancouver Web Design , will never leave you alone, and any time you need us, we are just a phone call away.