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• Content is the King for SEO to work, always write quality content throughout your website and keep adding content. Search Engines always like fresh contents.
• Back Links are Queen for SEO to work, always try to build a quality of back links.
• Always put text links on the pages so spiders can follow it.
• Look for competitors website and see what they are doing for SEO to work
• Always study your sites statistics
• Keep updating the contents of your website. Spiders do not like websites which do not have new contents for last one year.
• Try to exchange back links from reputed websites.
• Ensure that your site is easy to use and navigate. If your site is very complicated, users will go to your competitor’s websites.
• Every page should have a focus on one single keyword. Do not try to load one page with all your keywords.
• Always use natural language throughout your website.
• When building links, always look for quality and not quantity.
• Do Social Marketing i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Four Square. This is part of SEO.
• Best optimization is your content – quality content matters a lot.
• Always add your post to your social networks.
• Try to put unique contents on your website.
• Use keywords throughout your website
• Always use a domain name which is a keyword for your business.
• Always use local domain name, it helps in SEO
• Use keyword phrase in your title tags.
• Use keyword phrase in your headlines.
• Do not keep changing your domain name. Spider likes domain names which are in use for last 10 years compared to new domain names used for last 10 days.
• Try to get back links from similar sites.
• Do local listings.
• Online Reputation, Discussion Forum, Replies help in SEO.
• Ensure all your links are working on your website.
• Write Articles / blogs.
• Older pages will rank higher than newer pages on same domain name.
• Ask others to give a link to your website (give love and take love – exchange links).
• SEO takes time to work – so have patience.

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