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Importance of Reviews Management

Reputation has always been very important in making sure that your business gets noticed on the Internet. Google has now incorporated both quality and quantity of reviews from customers in its algorithm for ranking. Together with Google’s launch of Place Search, ratings are prominently displayed together with organic search results. Because of this, the reviews are visible to customers immediately. This calls for the need to make sure that the online reviews of your company work on your favor with the help of reviews management.

See What They Have To Say

The very first step in the optimization of the online reputation of your company is to actually see what people have to say, or what they already have to say about you. This can be done by searching the name of your company, as well as related keywords on major search engine sites. Take note of any negative feedbacks that you meet and see how they are ranked in the search results. You may also make good use of search review sites, such as City search or Kudzu, as well as other consumer advocacy sites, like Ripoff Report.

Take Full Control

Reputation management needs a positive, proactive approach. This means meeting your customers wherever they may be. Getting business listings on review sites like Kudzu or social networking sites such as Facebook will provide you with more control on the information that comes up for your company on these website, allowing you to create a dialogue together with your customers.

Provide a Response

Keep in mind that you may actually respond to all or most reviews, not just those that are considered negative. Positive reviews merit gratitude, and you can also use this time as an opportunity to highlight some of the selling points of your company. When you receive a not so good review, use it as an opportunity by responding in a way that will show you that you are very much willing to address to issues and problems, and at the same time work out in improving your service. If you think that a review is unduly harsh, avoid writing an attacking reply, even when you are in the position to do so. Keep in mind that there are other customers who are also reading the reviews and might just be observing the way you respond to the reviews. Reviews management covers all of these and more.

Gather Positive Reviews

Reputation management also includes getting high number of reviews that are positive. There are several ways of encouraging your customers to provide positive feedback, including sending follow up emails. The emails should include a link to your business listing with a known review site. All of these should be given consideration in order to maintain the positive reputation of your company online.

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