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Online Reputation Management is what your customers are talking about your business online. Online reputation is very important to manage for small business compared to large companies. For large companies online reviews does not affect much but for small and medium size business online reviews can affect their businesses a lot.

You may have heart that bad news travel fast. Every time there is something bad it travels much faster than good things. Same rule applies to online reviews and online reputation management. If customers are not happy they will make the online negative feedback quickly. If the customers are happy – out of 100 customers one may make a positive online review. Businesses do not have to make any effort to get negative reviews but yes, business have to put time and effort to get positive reviews from satisfied customers.

Some of the largest companies of the world have a customer rating of 2.5 out of 5.0 everywhere on Google but still they are one of the largest companies of the world. Why, because they have 100 times customers who are happy with their products and services compared to those customers who are not satisfied with their products / services. Large companies did not spend time & effort to get positive reviews from their satisfied customers. Since they are already large companies of the world and they have millions of repeat customers as such online reviews does not matter a lot for them.

For small and medium size customers online reviews matter the most. If they do not keep getting reviews from satisfied customers, their online presence may not be good. Online reviews are very important for any business whether have a restaurant, a doctor’s office, an accountant or some other business. If you do not keep track of what customers are talking about you, you may see a decline in your customer base and customers may be moving to your competitors who have good online reputation. Your online presence must be good if you need new customers, and your service / product must be good if you would like to keep the customers.

Most business do not care about their online presence and they never check it what others are talking about them, suddenly on one day they will feel that their customers / sales are decreasing and customers are going to their competitors. It is very difficult to get positive reviews from your satisfied customers, it take lots of time and patience to do that. Google does not like that lots of reviews come within few weeks or months. Google likes that reviews should be natural and to make it natural it is imperative their work should be done throughout to continue getting feedback from your customers and to ask customers to provide feedback about your business. Online reviews also help in Search Engine Optimization and customers with more reviews are more visible on Google compared to customers who do not have any reviews.

Webify Guru – Reputation Management Toronto is expert in Online Reviews Management / Online Reputation Management. Webify Guru has helped hundreds of customers build and rebuild online reputation.

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