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Online Reviews is what customers are telling about your business on the internet. These days every business wants to be on the internet so they are easily searchable and customers can find them locally & internationally on the Google. Every successful business today and every successful business in the future need to be on the internet so their existing customers and new customers can find them with easy and can do their shopping at their own convenient time. These days purchasing on internet has become very easily by adding shopping cart at your website and paying by Paypal or by using your credit card or debit visa cards. When people search for any businesses these days they check it on internet and they also like to read reviews about companies / businesses before they make any purchases with them to ensure that they are dealing with good companies.

If you have customers who are really happy with your service or product they can go on computer and write a review about your business. If they are happy they will make a good review and recommend your business to other and if somehow they are not happy for anything they may write a negative review about their experience dealing with your company. Sometimes it does happen that you are really good with your customers and provide them quality product or service but one of your employees was not nice to them and customer may write a negative feedback about your business referring to that employees. Employees come and go and that negative review sticks with your profiles on internet and Google searches.

There are many reviews sites available these days and customer can go and write a review about your business at many different places on the internet. When a new customer searches your business he / she will be able to see all those reviews about your business. As such it is very important for the businesses to know what customers are talking about their businesses and it is good way of getting feedback from your customers. Most of the time it also happens that your customers who are not happy with your service will make a negative review about your business but there will be many repeat customers who are happy with your product or service but will not make any positive comments / review about your business unless you ask them to do it. Sometime you really have to follow your good customers to get a feedback from them on internet. As such there are companies like us who help customers get reviews from your real customer and we follow up with your good customers to get a review about your business and we let you do your core business.

More than 98% of people do trust online reviews and more than 80% customers do read online reviews about any business before they become customers.

Some businesses are always very concerned about their online presence and about their online reviews. Business who have tons of negative reviews can fail and can not survive as they continue losing existing customers and new customers do not come after reading so many negative reviews.

As such it is recommended for all businesses to check their online presence as what others are talking about them online and it is also recommended to always get feedback from your satisfied customers. Feedback should also be taken from unhappy customers so businesses can know their own weakness and can work on those issued to fix them.

Businesses should not be worried about customer feedback, but they should work on those issues for which they get negative feedback.

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