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Google has become the ultimate search engine for most people who visit the internet. This popularity has led all internet marketers to focus their search engine optimization efforts in being able to climb their way up the Google ranks in order to be able to get some quality traffic into their websites and blogs. This visitors can then be transformed into paying customers and that is the ultimate goal of internet marketing.

Being on the first page of Google can mean the difference between a businesses that is able to survive in the competitive world that we have today and a business that is prosperous and constantly expanding. Making your way to the top of this search engine is not an easy task. There are hundreds of thousands of websites that are trying to compete to reach that first page on the organic search results too.
The road to that first page on the search engine is extremely difficult, but it is possible to make this happen as long as you follow a certain set of rules and you implement specific methods that will allow you to climb your way to the top.

One of the biggest reason why you should strive to reach the first page of Google with at least one of your business keywords, is that around 90% of the people who browse the internet are never going to search past the first page of results. This means that being on page two will immediately make you unreachable to most of the online visitors. If you are on age thee, you are probably only going to be reached by 1% of the people who are searching for your keywords. This is the main reason why you need to reach the first page of Google to get the best results.

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Toronto SEO Company
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