How To Select Website Designer – Web Design Toronto

Check out some of the other sites the designer has created.
  • Talk with the designer, tell him / her what your needs are.
  • Don’t choose a designer that promises to get you to the front page of the Google.
  • Don’t hire a design agency who will charge you even a cent to make minor changes.  – Hire a designer who blogs, designs and uses the web in their free time.
  • Don’t separate the design and coding of your website.
  • Don’t hire a designer who creates sites in all Flash
  • Hire a designer who is well reputed in market.
  • Websites are not created every day, so hire the right person for your website
  • Hire a web designer who is available to serve you whenever you need 24/7 phone support.
  • Hire a designer who is available to talk on phone / in person instead of type chat with a robot machine. Talking to live person is always much better than chatting with robot machines.
  • Look for free services i.e.e free hosting, free business card design, free letter head design, free promotion banner design, free phone support after your website is ready.
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