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Other Business You Compete Have Websites:
– All businesses have competition these days and in all industries businesses have websites. Whether you have competition or not if you would like to grow your business, you really need a nice looking and informative website. Not only you need a website, but you should also make an effort to show your website to your potential / repeat customers. If customers / potential customers can see your business / and your product, they will know about your products / services available in their area and there is a chance that they will become your customer sooner or later.

Better Customer Service:
– By having an informative website, you can provide valuable information about your business / services to your customers / prospective customer. They can navigate through your website at their convenient time / place. You can reply to answers to frequently asked questions on your website. A website is also a great way to get feedback from your customers. You can use surveys / forms that would allow your site visitors to respond to questions you ask, enabling you to get valuable marketing information free of cost from your customers. We always recommend that your website should be mobile responsive so customers can easily navigate through it on all portable devices.

People Always Search You Online:
– When customers type your business into search engine, what would you like them to find? Nothing or your competitors. These are your prospective customers or customers who what to find you. They are looking for your services / products, and if you have created a website, where they are going to land. They are obviously going to your competitor’s website and find their products / services. Every customer wants convenience and if your business is not easily accessible, they are going to find your competitors. Example, you go to a store to buy bread, than go to another store to buy eggs and go to another store to buy milk. What would you do if you find a store who sells who 3 things and open for long hours. Instead of going to 3 different stores most of us would prefer to go to a store who sells all three things for opened for long hours. If you have website, they can easily find your and you are open 24/7, they can easily see what your store hours are being driving to your place. If you are very difficult to find on Google, you can going to lose business and your competitor will grab that business. Once customer is going, it is really difficult to bring them back.

Website – Great for Advertisement:
– Websites are most inexpensive way of advertisements and most effective way of advertisement. Every other kind of advertisement cost a lot and there is no guarantee that customers are paying attention to that. No advertising medium even comes close to the ease of electronic advertisements and effectiveness of a website.

Round The Clock – Open 24/7 365:
– Once you have website your business is never closed even when you are sleeping (no one can also steal when you are sleeping and your business is open for customers). Many people prefer to surf the web at their convenient time – which is normally evenings & weekends when most businesses are physically closed. But once you have a beautiful and informative website you are always open even when your competitor is closed. We always recommend that your website should always be with fresh contents, deals, up to product information / services.

Millions of Internet Users:
– More than a billion people use internet. Millions of people around the word use internet every hour. On web, it does not matter whether someone is next door to you or on the other side of the world; they can see your Website just the same way as your neighbor. It does not cost you or them any extra. Providing information to others by any other form mailings, post cards etc cost enormous amounts of money compared to a website advertisement.

Income Potential from Your Website:
– A Website provides you income opportunities when you are relaxing, sleeping, on vacation or busy with any other activities. This all happens without your involvement once the Website is designed and online, which we can call passive income. You can run an online shopping center on your website and can also advertise other businesses on your website i.e. selling top banners, side banners on your website to other businesses. Through your website, you market / sell your products and services globally, you can also accept payments on your website through PayPal, credit cards etc.

No Physical Location Is Required:
– Once you are on the website, you do not necessarily need a physical location for your business; you can display your products / services at your website and can work from home. You save a lot by not rending / buying your work place. Since you are on website, as such your customers can easily locate you.

Information Sharing and Improve Communication:
– People are turning away from traditional means of finding information on phone books and these days more than 90% of customers are looking for businesses through various search engines online. Yellow pages, phone directories and printed materials are being used less now. Since use and convenience of using internet has become so easy that most of the people are searching everything online through their desktop, laptop, portable devices, mobile devices etc. After introduction of internet on mobile devices, almost every one likes to search things only especially new generations. Once you have website, you should also do social networking i.e. creating Face book Page and Twitter Page so people can easily share your business information with their friends / networks. People do not like those businesses where it is difficult to find and reach them. Your supplier and vendor can also find you easily if you have website.

Business Information:
– People also use internet to find quick answers to basic questions i.e. your hours of operation, your credit terms, your phone / email / business address and your product / services. Since we are in age of Inquiry Marketing, so you should get a website, if you do not already have one. If you already have one, check the website of your competitors and ensure that you also have a website which is really information, useful, and at least as good as your competitor’s website. Your website is the first impression of you and your business. If you do not have an excellent website, your prospective customers will drive to your competitor. After you have an excellent website, always ensure that is it Search Engine Friendly, it can be easily found on various search engines and directories.

Inexpensive and Expandable Marketing:
– Compare the price of a website to the expense of creating and distributing other forms of marketing i.e. newspapers, direct mail campaigns, magazine ads etc. The cost of setting up and maintain a website is very affordable. Flyers and direct mail is sent once and gone, but your website investment remains alive for years & years. Best feature of website is that you can quickly and easily change information whenever you need. With Content Management System websites like WordPress it is really easy to manage and change information on your website which any one can do – you do not need to have any technical knowledge to do that.

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